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Issue #5 Samhain,
a.s. XXII

Bragging for Fun or Profit
Byzantine Foods
Basic Celtic Knotwork Made Easy
Bouzah: Beer of the Fellaheen
A Roman Hand Fan
Early Period Knitting
Coptic Patterns
The Art of the Norse Language
Double Face Tablet Weaving
Early Latticework Shoes
Roman Tents
Early Music
The Chiton
Western Roman Haristyles
Scots Gaelic Pronunciation
Wax Writing Tablets

EARLY PERIOD is published quarterly for the personal amusement of Fuiltigherne ni Ruadh O'Finn and for the advancement of early period arts, crafts, sciences and research. EARLY PERIOD deals in the pre-1066 A.D. topics of interest to persons with early period personae in the SCA or similar organizations.

Good Folk,

This is the beginning of a new year and we are greatly pleased with your response to Early Period. The really exciting thing is the number of subscribers from kingdoms other than our own. We welcome you all and hope you enjoy Early Period as much as we do.

We would like to thank the Barony of Axemoor for their generous subscription. We send free issues to all the groups in the Kingdom of Meridies who continue to return their response cards, but the Barony of Axemoor decided to support the project with a subscription donation. Many thanks.

Due to illness, Stonehew Ravensson was unable to finish his second installment of "The Coppergate Helm" in time for this issue. We will have it ready for the next issue for sure. In the meantime, note the corrections to the previous article on page 22.

To anyone wishing to purchase a subscription, they all start with the first issue of the year (Samhain). The cost is $10.00 for four issues, published quarterly. Last year's issues are still available at $10.00 for the set. Please send subscriptions, articles for submission, artwork and comments to:

David and Rebecca Wendelken
818 Azalea Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28301 USA

Many thanks to Kiera Haefoc for the cover art and artwork on page 32. Next time look for later Anglo-Saxon dress, Irish shoes, brocaded tablet weaving, embroidery patterns form extant trim, the Coppergate helm article and more.

Fuil and Andras

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