Table of Contents

Issue #6 Imbolc,
a.s. XXII

Early Period Grains and Their Uses
Pattern Transfer Idea
Practical Combat Footwear
Aethelthryth's Catalogs
Embroidery Patterns form Extant Trims
Pronouncing Welsh
Irish Shoes
Ballymacomb Shoe
Later Anglo-Saxon Dress
Brocaded Tablet Weaving
London Bridge
On Persona: The Colour of Fighting
Norse Marraige Customs
The A-Tunic
The Phrygian Cap

EARLY PERIOD is published quarterly for the personal amusement of Fuiltigherne ni Ruadh O'Finn and for the advancement of early period arts, crafts, sciences and research. EARLY PERIOD deals in the pre-1066 A.D. topics of interest to persons with early period personae in the SCA or similar organizations.

Good Folk,

We would like to thank the good people of the Barony of Bryn Madoc for hosting the "Early Period" Collegium. For those of you who couldn't attend, we had lots of hands-on practical experience courses and everyone went home with one or more projects they had worked on. My personal favorite was the lady who made a small tapestry loom and warped it, then went over to the "working with bone" area and made herself a tapestry needle to weave with. Before the end of the day, she was working on a small tapestry. All over the building and spilling out into the parking lot, people were making enemeled jewlry, musical instruments, beeswax candles, leather shoes and all kinds of other things. All this with an incredible attendence figure of 90+! If you or your group is interested in a similar collegium or workshop, we'd be glad to help you get started and, depending on where you are and when you have it, we'll make every effort to be there.

We routinely get letters from people who want to write articles or who have knowledge they want to share with others, but who don't have the time and/or skill to write it or illustrate it themselves. It is no problem, really! Send us an outline, rough sketches, sources or whatever. We'll use your information to writed the article, send it back to you for editing and comments, rewrite it, print it and put your name on it. So don't be shy, send your stuff in.

Next issue, for sure, we will have the Coppergate helmet finishing as well as something on sprang, Merovingian dress, a Norse banquet and how to construct your own severed head.

Fuil and Andras

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