Aethelthyth's Catalogs

Lady Aethelthryth of Acleah finds interesting places and sources for all sorts of things. Here are some she has sent in over the past few months:

Books on cloth and related items such as textiles, costume, needle arts, interiors, manners and folk art. The majority of the books are Victorian or later, but there are some really good textile and costume books.

Like Barnes and Noble, but different books. They put out a large catalog about every two months or so. Lots of good imports.

Handforged Bronze accessories by Celtic Forge, spinning wheels, wool and fibers. Brochure, price list and samples $1.00.

Tools and supplies for spinning and weaving, books, gifts, herb seeds and plants. Catalog $2.00

Aethelthryth sent in a book for the people who are interested in the Rus Vikings. It's Eaters of the Dead by Michael Creighton, a fictional account of the journey of Ibn Said. (*This is the book that the movie "The Thirteenth Warrior" was based on.)

An interesting cookbook to look at is The British Museum Cookbook by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. It is published by British Museum Publications Limited, London, 1987 (ISBN 0-7141-1663-7). It includes sections on Classical Greece, ancient Egypt, Persia, Imperial Rome, Anglo-Saxon Britain, and for you New Worlder's a section on pre-Conquest America. The bibliography lists some interesting books including a 2nd century, 25-volume collection about the lifestyle of the ancient Greeks, called Deipnosophistae published in English translation by Charles Burton Gulick. (Heinemann, 1927).

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