Keria Hafoc sent in this interesting information on early forks:

Who said forks aren't period? At least Celtic fleshforks are. Here is an excerpt from "The story of Mac Da Tho's Pig". "There were seven doors in each hall, seven roads through it and seven fireplaces therein. There were seven cauldrons, with an ox and a salted pig in each of them. And the person who came that way would thrust the fleshfork into the cauldron and whatever he obtained with the first thrust, he ate, and if he obtained nothing on the first attempt, he did not get a second."

Keria's letter started me looking for other sources. And lo and behold, I found that the Byzantines were using table forks to eat with as early as the fourth century A.D. Go tell that to your favorite Elizabethan fop as he eats with his fingers!

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