Table of Contents

Issue #15 Beltaine,
a.s. XXV

Children's Page
Ikat Fabrics and Techniques
Ikat: An Easy Method for Dying
Icelandic Sagas: Part II
Gothic Names
Video Review: Revenge of the Barbarians
An Early Hairsyle
Period Fighting Styles
A Norse Merchant's Cap
Book Review: Three Ancient Cuisines
Shoe of the Month: Straw Sandals
Fanitullen -- A Norse Belt-Fighting Poem
Celtic Helmet Styles
Market Place
Oil Lamps
Home Dyes
An Iron Age Costume
Book Review: Three by Gillian Bradshaw
Survey of College Seniors
An Outdoor Oven: A Challenge
Ancient Cement
Germanic and Norse Runes
Samian Ware

EARLY PERIOD is published quarterly for the personal amusement of Fuiltigherne ni Ruadh O'Finn and for the advancement of early period arts, crafts, sciences and research. EARLY PERIOD deals in the pre-1066 A.D. topics of interest to persons with early period personae in the SCA or similar organizations.

Good Folk,

First let me apologize for any typos. Andras was busy and I did my own proofing. Andras spells much better than I do.

We have another wide range of articles for you this month. Please note the article on outdoor ovens and, if you do some experimenting, please let us know how it went. Also, if you try the ikat, we'd love to know how it turned out.

We are looking for articles. If you have something you would like to write, please feel free to do so. We edit and will help you with the writing, if you need it. We aso do illustrations, so lack of artistic ability is on excuse. This is your magazine, and we would like to include you in it.

Fuil and Andras

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