Celtic Boots

by Mad Dog

Click on pattern for large size
Mad Dog from Thor's Mountain took the Celtic shoe pattern from Issue #1 and decided to make boots out of it. they are really quite easy to make. The exact measurements depend on your leg length and the circumference of your calf. Make a paper shoe pattern to fit your foot. Then, using the drawing, make the rest of the boot pattern. Remember that the tongue of the boot must be longer than the leg piece because it also has to go over the top of your foot. Use the paper pattern to cut one form vinyl. A vinyl pattern allows you to play around with the fit without messing up a lot of leather and will make a great template for transferring your final pattern.

Click on the patterns to see large sizes.

Fold the leg section as shown in figure 1 and match "A with "B" and "C" with "D". Sew through the four holes between "A and "C" and then fold to form the back of the heel. Now match the rest of the holes on the side of the shoe and sew together (see boot illustration if you have questions). To put the boot on, put your foot in the middle of the shoe section, fold the tongue over the top of your foot, and lace the bottom section as you would for the Celtic shoe. when you get to the ankle, continue the lacing up the leg until you run out of holes.

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