Table of Contents

Issue #4 Lughnasad,
a.s. XXII

Hide Shoe
Patterns for Craftwork
Celtic Boots
Outdoor Feast Cookery
Early Period Library Recommendations
The Coppergate Helm
Odd Book Reviews
Roman Women's Hairstyles
Early Period Illuminated Manuscripts
Oh! Woad is Me! (more than woad!)
The Difference Between the Celts and the Gauls
How to Curse in Norse
Adventures in Etymology
Another Bog Shoe
Celtic Clothing
Early Period Heresies
Simple Stockings
Adapting Early Style Helmets for SCA fighting
More Period Fiction
Open Fire Cooking
Early Period Feast Days
Tablet Weaving
On Early Period Persona
Felt Making

EARLY PERIOD is published quarterly for the personal amusement of Fuiltigherne ni Ruadh O'Finn and for the advancement of early period arts, crafts, sciences and research. EARLY PERIOD deals in the pre-1066 A.D. topics of interest to persons with early period personae in the SCA or similar organizations.

Good Folk,

We have completed one year of Early Period. We hope you have enjoyed our publication. We are looking forward to next year. Subscription rate is $10 per year (four issues). If you are a current subscriber, look for teh resubscription form in this issue.

David and Rebecca Wendelken
818 Azalea Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28301 USA

We are always looking for articles and artwork. Artwork should be based on historical sources or depict historical evetns. Articles must include sources and subject matter must be pre-1066. We lean heavily toward "how-to" articles or research articles. Please send your submissions to the above address.

Scattered through this issue you will find riddles by Aldhelm (639-709 A.D.), the first great English Scholar. They are reprinted from The Riddles of Aldhelm. Translated by James Hall Pitman, Anchor Books, 1970. The answers are on page 40. The March issue of Speculum has an interesting article on skaldic verse and Anglo Saxon history, and the summer Barnes and Noble catalog (Barnes and Noble, 126 Fifth Avenue, NY 10011; catalog 114) has a large number of books of interest to early period people. The "Everyday Life in the Time Of..." series is especially good for beginning research. Look for the September-October isssue of Archeaology for an article on a Celtic chieftains' grave.

Fuil and Andras

    Mark of Ravenswood, Kieran Hafoc

    Bain, George Celitc Art, Dover 1973

    Wilson, Eva Celtic and Early Medieval Designs from Britain, Dover 1983.

    Ross, Anne Everyday Life of the Pagan Celts. Batsford, 1970.

    Crockett, Candace Cardweaving. Watson-Guptil

    Henderson, Isobel The Picts. Thames and Hudson.

The next issue, the first on of our second year, will contain more articles on armor, more "On Persona", Roman costume and its influence on the colonies, double-faced tablet weaving, period textiles and their structures, and much, much more as usual.

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